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Trust us as your brand custodian, Treat us as your communication-surgeon or rely on us as your design doctor. Right from a naming solution to making a name for brand across all platforms, vehicles and media, you can bank on our expertise


Stand out from Sameness. A logo, a corporate identity, collaterals, packaging to an exhaustive brand manual -any design we create for your brand will be spun around what your brand stands for. A serious and salient approach towards each and every step of identity creation. A penchant for debunking convention and an openness for accepting the new- they make us stand apart and you too.


For us branding isn’t something, which stays with us only till an initial plan gets whipped out. We create your brand and live it up. Right from testing the waters to identifying the unexplored to implementing the communication wherever it matters, we stay with your brand and your brand stays with us.

The BoldItalic Lab

System weds strategy in the BoldItalic approach to brand building. Understanding,experimentation, careful and cautious research, and analysis- all these come into our process before screaming “eureka”. Any assumptions arrived us have to pass our-own acid tests and we make sure that they are validated. We value insights more than instincts and the science of branding more than speculations.

Digital & Social

Sure –shot campaigns. Numbers when you need them, which lead to numbers, which excite you.Right from reach to results, you can bank on our expertise. Needless to say, coming from us, cost -effectiveness and time-saving aspects come as bonus bounties. All these make us deliver an arsenal of solutions, right on time in a digitally fronted world, which is moving at a breakneck speed.


Delivering what works for you. Be it a path- breaking idea which takes the eyeballsby storm or a simple region specific design and implementation for your brand- you can trust us. We have the on-ground experience and problem-solving capabilities which makes us deliver solutions ahead of schedule. Right from the idea, to design, to choice of materials to logistics, we price perfection above everything else.

Know us

Bold Italic, how else to name it?
Bold has always been a word related with what is daring and adventurous. This translates into our character. Boldness is what we are. 'Italics' is how we emphasize our point of difference and distinguish our work.

We are thin in size, but our serious approach could get your brand through the thick of competition.

The communication business is wrought with challenges. Be it conveying the brand essence, crafting the right message or creating your brand position based on market dynamics, we have made it our business to deal with every aspect of communication in the most professional and productive manner.

Our Portfolio

Hospitality, Life style, Real Estate, FMCG , Corporate, F & B, Education-we have an eclectic portfolio to shelve.
Check out some solutions, which have made our clients make the leap.
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The Team

A seriously fun-team where everyone believes that results matter more than efforts.

All been through the thick and thin of communication.

Muralidharan V P

Smart Strategist

Undirected Communication can be deleterious. Strategic direction to make sure the right things are said in the right way through right medium at right time and right place is critical to effectiveness of any communication. Muralidharanis a media strategist par excellence.

A strategist can help you get the most out of any media channels by looking at the way you or your company use them and the kind of messages you send out. Over three and a half decades with Agency sharks like HTA, Rediffusion, Contract, Clarion, Lintas and Mudra. Enjoyed a 16-year long stint with Mudra where he was the Vice president of Mudra Connext. Trailblazer for brands like Cycle, Peter England, TTK, Sify, Paragon etc.

Muralidharan also supports with leadership to Account Management at BoldItalic.

Nishit Kantha

Aptitude Administrator

We need 'competencies' and not just headcounts. It takes a professional to blend attitude with aptitude and to manage continual improvement of skill-sets. Nishit is a people person non pariel.

Besides the numerous change management and learning & development programs that he has anchored in Government sector, large Private sector including MNCs and corporates as well as SMEs & Educational Institutions, he has been the uncontested ‘ask whom’ on digital campaigns, sentiment analysis for brands, celebrities and organizations and the final say on media effectiveness.

Nishit also provides support with business management, legal matters and research at BoldItalic.

Arun Eripuram

Creative Conductor

An assortment of idea, colours, copy, fonts, etc. is no big deal but to make a communication that sets rhythm and resonance between sender and receiver of the message requires higher ability to ideate and combine and treat them harmoniously. Arun lives in imagination and images, he is the dreamer beau ideal

Some of the agency majors he has worked with- Percept India, Mudra, Ma Bozell and several multinational agencies in the Middle East. Creatively mastered brands like Citibank, Epson, Panasonic, Kia, Baskin Robbins, Canadian Hospitals, Millennium Hotel, Peter England, Honeywell, lnfosys and Monster.com

Arun provides direction to every creative function, visualisation, art, techniques and heads BoldItalic

Rajesh Radhakrishnan

Word Weaver

Anyone can put words together. It takes a professional to craft your message.Crisp, lucid, articulate short copy captures one’s imagination faster. Rajesh works with words and is one writer au naturel.

After all, the way you write and speak effects the way people receive and respond to you.He is a skilled at verbal communication, knows how to target your audience and communication objectives,A decade and odd experience in word-whetting for different clients like Nokia, Siemens, Ben Q, Mahindra Gesco, Hindware, Usha lexus, IFFCO TOKIO etc. Key player in launch-campaigns of some of the real estate majors like Pearls and world famous universities like Sharda University, Princeton Review among others.

Rajesh also provides support and client relations as head of the Services team at BoldItalic.

Our work spoke for them. They speak for us.

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We are a ‘communicative’ happy bunch. Reach us for anything and everything and we will be glad so say ‘hi’.

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